This features shows the current location of the vehicle, really its a amazing feature in this era of E-rikshaw, its work with the help of GPRS system.

We are really happy to inform you that now you can check your E-rikshaw location when you are sitting in your office / shop or when you driving on an unknown location, you can check your vehicle current location.

Trail is a feature which shows the specific points captured during vehicle was on move / idle state / off state.
It is also color coded to show status of the vehicle.
Green - Vehicle on the move.
Orange – Vehicle in idle state.
Red – Vehicle is in off state.

Set the distance of Vehicle It is a unique feature which allows the user to set a geo-fence from 100 meters to 5000 meters.

It provides a live feed as well as alert if the vehicle moves out of the fenced area.

In case of theft user can use the immobilizer feature to send the command to the vehicle. This will immobilize the vehicle as soon as the vehicle is switched off. This will keep on sending the vehicle location till battery runs out. Alert message confirms that vehicle is immobilized.

There's one unique feature in E-rickshaw which provide free Wi-Fi for passengers have a comfortable ride.

Now you are not worry to about charging of your mobile phone. Mac Auto E-rikshaw provides mobile charging facility while you seating in your E-rikshaw.